The Top Bowie Knives found today 

Only those knives that have clipped edged blades and a blade of more than 5 inches could be distinguished in the category of Bowie Knives. Invented by Jim Bowie in the early 19th century the intention behind creating this knife was to create a portable small war sword with a much rugged and durable blade and a long handle that would help the owner defend and protect himself against all odd ends.From it's invention till date Bowie Knife remains to be popular among knife aficionados not only because of its unbeatable features but also because of its countless literary and movie appearances like in Bram Stoke's "Dracula" or the popular "Rambo" series. This is the reason why Bowie Knives are still made by the best knife manufacturing companies all over the world.

Therefore, here are some of the best bowie knives that are manufactured by the top knife companies across the world.

• PUMA Stag Bowie: The Bowie Knives made by this popular German company is best known for the quality of steel that they use. All the Bowie Knives made in this company has to go through a custom made hardness test. Only those knives that has survived the Rockwell Hardness Test is sent to the sellers. The blades of a PUMA Stag bowie is 6 inches long, full tang and the edges are made of brass. The knife is still made with a stag horn and the sheath is a nylon sheath. The weight of the knife is 8 ounces and the market price of these knives is $60.

• Ka-Bar Becker BK-9: Ka-Bar is a USA based knife manufacturing company best known for making war knives. The bowie knives made by this company are big and heavy. The length of the blade is 9 inches and it weighs around 1 pound. The BK-9 is made of 1095 Cro Van Carbonated steel. The authentic bowie knives was also made of carbonated steel. Carbonated Steel not only helps the knives to keep its edges but also is very easy to sharpen. The blade of the knife is full tang and the handle is made of grivory. The sheath is made of the best quality of nylon. The BK-9 is one of the top selling knives in the world and the market price of these knives is $134.

If you want to buy a Bowie Knife you could choose among these because these are the best bowie knives made. A Bowie knife can still be used these days for camping, hunting or for several odd survival strategies. These knives are also made of high quality materials that makes it perfect for collection.

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